If you want to learn a different language, mainly Spanish, you’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the easiest languages to learn, especially if English is your first language. If you believe that learning Spanish will be tough, you may be mistaken. Why do we say this? Let’s have a look at that in the sections that follow:

You will already be aware of several terms

Something that makes learning Spanish easier for English speaking learners is the similar terms they will come across in Spanish. Words in English and Spanish nearly sound identical and have the same meaning.

Participar and adopter almost look the same as the English words participate and adopt, and they also mean the same thing. As a result, you’ll already have some basic Spanish vocabulary. However, there are still terms like sopa that sound like soap but actually mean soup, so you must learn the false cognates as well.

Similar sentence to English

The resemblance in sentence structures between Spanish and English is another feature that makes it easier for English speakers to learn Spanish. The sentence structure in both English and Spanish is “Subject+Verb+Object.” As a result, it helps English speakers conquer half the problem of learning Spanish and makes it comparatively simple to learn Spanish.

Gender and agreement are easy to learn

The nouns, verbs, and adjectives related to genders and numbers are another component that makes it easier for people to learn Spanish as a second language. People who know Romance languages, such as Latin or French, will be familiar with the fact that everything, living or nonliving, has a gender, making the language sound incredibly romantic.

Spanish is another such language, with distinct genders for chairs and other things in addition to people. People who are unfamiliar with the Romance language, on the other hand, may find it challenging, but once you start learning, you’ll quickly get the feel of it.

Studying materials are readily available

Studying materials

Unlike other languages that require extensive instruction to learn from professionals, Spanish materials are easily obtained online or offline at any library. You can also gain access to a variety of TV shows and applications where you can simply learn Spanish and improve your existing Spanish speaking skills. You can also study Spanish from the ground up with these elaborate materials that make it simple to learn.

Rules that make it easy to learn

The laws found in both English and Spanish make it easier for an English speaker to learn Spanish. If you begin learning the language properly, you will realise that many rules in Spanish are also found in English. Learning Spanish will be a breeze once you’ve identified this similar pattern. However, keep in mind that various exceptions in the Spanish language may not fulfil the rule; however, once you understand the exception, things will become much easier for you.